Sunday 30 September 2018

13 000ft

13 000ft Flight, basic approach to the weather forecast.

Hi guys, we just have done another high altitude flight and have been asked on how we approach on to weather forecast when flying high.
Here are some tips, helping you planning it.

1. First thing is to check the fronts passing because you definitely do not want to be up there when the cold front is about to pass, even if it's forecasting mild wind. We use met

2. Secondly you have to check the wind distribution with an altitude. Most paragliding sites (we use Windguru) will give you such an option. You just have to be sure that the wind up there will be good enough for you to fly both from the point of view of your airspeed and the windshift turbulence generated.

3. Thirdly it is a good idea to check the temperature distribution with an altitude otherwise you can get a bit cold :)
Some photos from today's flight below.
Flying SkyMax Star and Sky Paragliders Zorro. Max altitude of 13 400ft.